Well, here I am! Just moved over from Livejournal with the kind help of [personal profile] annalee. First of all, thank you! I'm excited to explore dreamwidth and deeply hope to avoid those on livejournal who forced me out of communities...very lame indeed!

Alas, as it is currently reading period I should have very little to say. Instead I ought to go finish my paper so I may study Japanese for the next two days.

aria: ([misc] physical absurdities)

From: [personal profile] aria

It is SO COOL over here. Which is awkward because I should totally be writing a paper right now.
annalee: An 1860s silk taffeta ball gown. (Period Costume)

From: [personal profile] annalee

Welcome welcome!

I'm considering trying to start up a comm for steampunk craftsmen that's actually dedicated to steampunk craft--all the lj ones all seemed to turn into sales communities, events communities, "look at this cute vest I just got at Forever21" communities, or LOOK I AM A MOD BOW BEFORE ME communities.

It would be nice to have a home for people what actually make things to show+share.


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